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Central in the photo is the Camp Asylum archaeological dig; shows LaBorde's physical relationship to the campus's core: Babcock, which sits to LaBorde's northwest.

View of west wall (of east wing), facing east. Angle of roof visible. East wing is clearly surrounded by tarps of the Camp Asylum archaeological dig, Spring 2014.

Close-up of drain pipe of the central pavilion at the back of LaBorde, western side. Original brick is exposed; exterior was painted in 1973.

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Southwest-facing photo of the eastern wall of LaBorde's east wing; ward windows at the front of the wing (north) are visible, as is the central pavilion and walkways. Photographer is standing in front of The Parker Annex. Plastic tarp from the Camp…

View of LaBorde's west wing and central pavilion. Photo taken looking southeast. The Park Annex is visible to to LaBorde's direct east; the two buildings meet at a right angle. The plastic tarp is part of the Camp Asylum archaeological dig, Spring…

View of LaBorde's north-facing facade. Central pavilion and attached covered walkway featured. Affixed above the main entrance is the building's name and year of construction, 1929. Mound of dirt to the west is part of the Camp Asylum archaeological…

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LaBorde completely rebuilt with the installation of new floors, plumbing, lighting, air-conditioning, heating, windows. Space which was originally used for wards was divided into private rooms. LaBorde's exterior was painted. The entire project…

Lists LaBorde as being used for "Psychiatric care primarily"; notes that there is a level below ground and that the building does not share a common wall with another building or addition.


Lists estimated value of LaBorde as $16,200.00 and estimated replacement cost as $124,000.00.


Black and white photograph of LaBorde in 1971.


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