Welcome to the Digital US South Initiative (DUSS), a project of the University of South Carolina’s Institute for Southern Studies. DUSS serves as a hub for the many diverse and exciting South-focused digital projects being done at USC, including both those produced by DUSS itself and various other units of campus.

Digital United States South

The goal of DUSS is to promote and enhance thoughtful engagement with the South’s history, cultures, and landscapes though the various projects--digital archives, tools, and interactives--we federate together. These projects are designed with both scholar and non-scholar in mind and provide opportunities for classroom teaching, new scholarly production, and individual study and enjoyment. Underlying all DUSS projects is the DUSS Index, which allows you to search across all projects simultaneously in order to find connections you may not have otherwise discovered. Both the Index and DUSS projects generally have benefited from the generous financial support of many sources, including the University of South Carolina’s College of Arts and Sciences, the University Libraries, USC's Center for Digital Humanities, the Watson-Brown Foundation, and SCHumanities.

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