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Designed by the Columbia architect firm Lafaye & Lafaye, the Laborde Building originally housed white male tuberculosis patients and was known as the Tuberculosis [T.B.] Pavilion, or Ward B-21. Completed in 1929, LaBorde is a one-story brick building with a tin roof and concrete floors. In the 1940s, tuberculosis patients were moved out of LaBorde and it then became a white female ward. In the 1950s, regressed male patients moved in.


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Report to Governor Richard I. Manning
Dr. Arthur P. Herring recommends to Governor Manning that there should be "special provision for the tuberculosis patients" at the South Carolina State Hospital for the Insane.

Minutes of the Board of Regents, May 9, 1929
The Board examined drawings for the proposed ward building for State Park and Tuberculosis building for Columbia presented by Mr. Robert S. Lafaye of the firm of Lafaye & Lafaye, Architects, and instructed Mr. Lafaye to procure bids for a special…

Minutes of the Board of Regents, May 29, 1929
Records bids received for building the Tuberculosis ward at the State Hospital and the decision to accept the lowest bid, proposed by Mechanics Contracting Co., of $22,981.

1941 Map of State Hospital Grounds
LaBorde is labeled as "W.M.T.B. 1929," which stands for White Male Tuberculosis. Note that the building is still not called LaBorde in 1941.

Minutes of the Board of Regents, June 13, 1929
The Secretary of the Board of Regents presented the Mechanics Contracting Co. contract for the Tuberculosis Building Columbia and it was approved.

Minutes of the Board of Regents, November 14, 1929
The Treasurer read a letter from architects Lafaye & Lafaye stating that with a few exceptions the T.B. Pavilion was ready for acceptance and that, to guarantee the completion of the said building, $531.00 of the contract price was being retained.

1950-1951 Annual Report
Describes the enlargement of one ward building at the Columbia campus to house both male and female tuberculosis patients, making 100 beds available. By 1951, LaBorde no longer housed TB patients.

1928 Annual Report, "Report of the Architect"
Reports that there was an urgent need at the institution in Columbia to build a Tuberculosis Ward Building with forty beds for white male patients that were then housed in the Parker Annex.

S.C. State Hospital Building List
Lists LaBorde's construction year as 1929.

Map of S.C. State Hospital Buildings and Grounds
A drawn map of the buildings and grounds at the S.C. State Hospital.
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