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Simmons_Annual Report 1926.pdf
Reports the installation of overhead sprinklers at the Laundry as well as an additional room added to the Bakery for storing flour. Details the concern of overcrowding, what it is and its risks, and the refusal of patients and admission restraints.

Forensic Services is now part of the William S. Hall Psychiatric Institute.

The Cooper Building has received a major security upgrade, and all Forensic Services are now consolidated in Cooper.

Both forensic psychiatrists left for other jobs, but the hospital has replaced them and is looking for a third. To cut down on admissions, the hospital is starting a pre-screening program.

Unit IV now has a female ward in Cooper. The unit is undertaking renovation and beautification projects for the buildings.

With the recent reorganization, patients from Unit IV are living in the Allan and Saunders buildings. The remaining security ward in Unit IV is discontinued.

Forensic evaluations now take fifteen days instead of thirty. Forensic patients must be evaluated and then released or put into regular treatment wards. They cannot stay in maximum security wards indefinitely. The changes are in compliance with a…

After a major reorganization of the hospital, patients are now in units based on their home regions or specialized needs. Unit IV patients live in Allan and Saunders. The security ward for females in Saunders is discontinued, but a security ward for…

The Allan Building is hosting the first unit of a pilot program. Based on the description here and in future reports, the hospital has organized patients into units by home region.

The hospital reports that juvenile patients temporarily relocated to a remodeled ward in one of the Maximum Detention Buildings. They have since moved to a loaned cottage from the William S. Hall Psychiatric Institute.
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