Architectural Exploration

This page invites you to explore the Bull Street campus through the architectural features of its buildings. The map below was produced using a Google FusionTable, which geotags a GoogleMap of the site using the latitude and longitude information for each building. To explore, simply mouse over as you would a GoogleMap. Clicking on the colored dots will bring up information about the building at that location.

You can also view buildings’ architectural features in a spreadsheet and series of informational cards. The spreadsheet is the bare-bones version and starting point for the other two display formats: we manually entered data about each building’s architectural features, construction date, and historic occupation, as well as photographs of building elevations and important architectural details into this original Google spreadsheet. We used a standardized list of architectural terms adapted from the South Carolina State Historic Preservation Office’s architectural survey forms available on their website. Uploading this spreadsheet to Google FusionTables enabled us to generate the informational cards and geotagged map. We hope you’ll take the opportunity to explore the Bull Street campus architecture in all three formats.

Happy adventuring!